3 Easy Ways to Make Someone Feel Beautiful and Confident

People love to look and feel beautiful — from men to women to kids and the elderly. Some may not even admit that they like the feeling of being noticed in fears of being called vain or attention-seekers. It just goes to say that some people base their confidence on what others have to say, and this is normal. After all, we are all social beings who are constantly looking for validation.

If you think you are confident enough, you may want to pass that feeling to others by making them feel that they’re beautiful in their own ways — that they matter. Here are some tips that can help you:

Notice the little things

The best compliments are not generic; they are specific and pertain to the unique qualities of a person. Do not just say, “You’re pretty today!” Say something specific like, “Your hair looks nice today.” Compliment their clothes, their shoes, and their jewelry. Doing this will extend the message that you are paying attention to them. Take cues from people who go to hair school in Utah, as they know how to compliment their customers sincerely.

Be sincere

And when you compliment people, make sure that you mean it. People have a knack for gauging the sincerity of another person. When you are sincere, you’re acknowledging the beauty or uniqueness of the person. Of course, this acknowledgement is easily visible in your words or actions.

Tell people about it

Sincerity may also come in the form of acknowledging a person’s beauty in front of others. This is not just about being extra nice; it is all about exerting efforts to make a person’s quality known because you mean it.

And of course, when you are making others happy and confident, do not wait for anything in return. Otherwise, it will appear that you are just doing it for yourself.


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