3 Things Your Kid Will Learn in Kindergarten

Kids in a kindergarten school

Are you planning to enroll your kids in a kindergarten class this year? Here are some of the things they could learn in school. Keep these in mind when you enroll your children in kindergarten classes in lnc-ses.com.

Letters and Numbers

Towards the end of a kindergarten program, your child should be able to not just recognize but also name and write all the 26 letters of the English alphabet. And this includes uppercase and lowercase. More so, they should be able to recognize and repeat the correct sounds of each of the 26 letters. Your child should also be able to identify, write, and count up until the number 30. Moreover, he or she should be able to add and subtract small numbers.


Children enrolled in kindergarten are also taught how to hold a pencil correctly. They are taught how to write letters and numbers, which help them develop fine motor skills. Towards the end of kindergarten, he or she should be able to identify, read, and write some of the common words she sees in class.

Social Skills

Kindergarten classes are also designed to help your child develop social skills. Children are also taught how to memorize basic information such as his or her phone number, address, and how to call 911 when there is an emergency. Social skills also include learning about different cultures and families.

These are just some of the basic things children are expected to learn and work on in kindergarten classes. If you’re planning to enroll your child in a kindergarten program this year, it pays to complement the learning at home so your child can adapt better. It’s also a good idea to continue the learning process at home by talking to your child about his or her experience in school at the end of the day.

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