3 Top Questions to Ask While Searching for the Right School for Your Teen

Kids during recitation

If you are like most parents, your child’s education comes at the very top of your priorities when thinking about their future. You want them to get the best education possible.

Choosing the right school for them is paramount, especially as they enter high school. Here are three questions that will help you decide whether a school is the best fit for your teen.

1. Are you comfortable being part of this community?

City Academy knows that every one of the different Salt Lake City high schools houses a distinct community. Each community is unique in the sense that it is created around certain experiences and commitments.

Keep in mind that from the moment your child enrolls at the school, they become a part of that community, and so do you. Do you feel at ease forming a relationship with that particular community?

2. Do the students exude confidence and happiness?

You can learn a lot about a school by standing in the hallway and observing the students. Do they seem happy? Watch how they interact with each other.

Notice whether they are congregating freely with the staff and faculty. Wait to see if they come up to you and say hello with a smile. If the students look happy and comfortable, your child will most probably be too.

3. Does it feel right for your child?

Ultimately, it’s not about the size of the school, its reputation, or your convenience. It’s really about what’s good for your child.

You want a school that will cater to your child’s strengths. For instance, if your child excels in an active, collaborative environment, then it’s important that you pick a school that offers such.

Choosing where your child will attend school is a momentous affair, one that you should go about very carefully. If you can find the perfect fit for them, it could foster their performance significantly.

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