4 Ways to Find Out Whether You’re with the Right Hairstylist or Not

The hair is a woman’s crowning glory. This is why having a good and reliable stylist would mean so much. However, finding the right person for the task is easier said than done considering the number of salons and shops you see around.

To narrow down your choices, here’s a summary of things you need to look for:

What Others Say About the Stylist

Sometimes, it’s best to listen to what others say instead of going with your instincts. This is why asking for recommendations and suggestions are still a great way to find a good stylist. If you like a friend’s or a colleague’s hairstyle, ask who did it so you may check out that stylist.

Book a Blowout Appointment

While it’s not ideal to make a salon appointment based on what you’ve heard, the least thing you can do to get a feel of the stylist is to book a basic blow dry first. This helps you gauge whether you’ll like the salon or not. This is also a great opportunity for you to check how the staff interacts with their clients.

Look Them Up on Their Social Media Pages

Almost every business today has a social media profile. Take the time to check the stylist’s work through these accounts. Many salons use social media like Instagram and Facebook to serve as their own portfolio. In here, you’ll see video or images of the hairstyles and services they’ve provided before.

Have a Good Talk with the Stylist

Once you’ve narrow down your choices, the next thing to do is to visit them for a consultation. Upon explaining what you’d like to achieve, they should be able to supply you with what you need. This is because hairdressers and stylists who attended hair school in Utah are taught this way. Part of their training is to inform their clients about the process itself to help gain their trust. Along with that, you’ll feel more confident on the outcome if they know what they’re talking about.

Don’t simply entrust your hair to anyone. Find a professional who can perfectly handle them to ensure it’ll grow healthy and naturally. Take note of these reminders to ensure that your stylist is a perfect match for you.


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