ACT Testing Hacks to Improve Your Chances

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The ACT, along with the SAT, is one of the tests you can take to boost your chances of entering the college you want once you graduate from high school. Doing well won’t automatically guarantee your acceptance right away, but it gets you a little closer.

Instructors from top ACT prep classes in Florida cite the following hacks on how you can improve your test score:

1. Identify a target score and base your study habits around it.

Having a specific goal in mind allows you to build study habits and hacks around it. This also motivates and allows you to identify which schools fall into a particular scoring bracket. Knowing which colleges and universities fit into a score bracket provides you with multiple options if your scores don’t meet the criteria of your first or second choice.

2. Learn and master frequently used concepts.

The Math and English tests for the ACT have a finite number of concepts used. These include algebra, trigonometry, grammar, reading comprehension, among others. You need to determine which ones you are already good at and identify which ones you need to improve on. Some of the questions are similar and follow a set of concepts. Once you figure these out by taking practice tests and tutoring, you’ll get a higher score.

3. Maximize the Time Limit for Each Section.

Even if you think you can answer the test questions quickly, take your time and maximize it. Review questions you were unsure of and determine if you answered correctly. Re-check your answers to identify any minor mistakes you may have made.

4. Take practice tests.

You’ll need all the help you can get to score high. Take as many practice tests as possible. This allows you to get a general feel of the actual ACT. It will determine the time you need to complete the test and which sections need improvement as well as the concepts you’ll need to learn.

Those are some hacks you can follow to help you do well on the ACT and improve your chances of getting into the college or university you want.

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