Analysis: Massachusetts Has the Best Education System Nationwide

Massachusetts has the most number of adult Americans with at least a bachelor’s degree, which partly led the state to have the best education system in the U.S., according to an analysis of Education Week’s Quality Counts 2018 report.

Those with a bachelor’s degree comprise 42.7% of the adult population in the state. One likely reason why the state has more people with a bachelor’s degree may involve students that sign up for American College Testing (ACT) preparation courses, which help them get ready for tertiary education.

States’ Education

Despite only having the 11th highest budget for public school spending, the analysis based its rank on Massachusetts in terms of “chances of success, school finance and achievements.” Vermont has the biggest budget per public school student at almost $20,800, according to the analysis. This allowed the state to rank as the third best among 50 states, even if it only has the eighth highest percentage of adults with a bachelor’s degree.

By region, Wisconsin has the second best school system in the Midwest. Some schools in the state place an extensive focus on physical education classes to combat obesity. This reflects a trend in many other states, where schools use exercise to improve students’ mental health.

Language Barriers

Nevada and New Mexico comprise the top two states with the worst education system, which primarily stems from the lack of fluency in the English language. Most students in these states speak a foreign language as their native tongue.

Meanwhile, Mississippi trailed behind these two states due to its poverty rate. Based on the analysis, the Magnolia State has the lowest median household income in the U.S. that explains why only 21.8% of adults have a bachelor’s degree.


There are many factors behind the quality of education in each state. Do you agree on the rankings from the analysis?

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