At What Age Do Kids Learn Best?

Children’s brains are like sponges: they soak in every bit of new knowledge they encounter. Learning about the world comprises much of a young child’s life. But perhaps there is a certain age bracket when kids learn the most. If you couple this with the teaching techniques employed by daycares and other learning centers such as The Meadows School in Rutherford, your children could be set on a learning journey of a lifetime.

Learning One Step at a Time

Reading is a basic standard of learning development. Many parents believe that the earlier their kids start learning to read, the better. But according to experts, reading should take a backseat to speaking. They stress that a good speaker is also a good reader. Various studies conducted by German researchers reveal that children benefit a lot if they get enough experience in interpersonal, verbal communication. All the sounds and vocabulary they learn early translates into actual reading ability.

Some experts also say that there are signs which can point to reading difficulties in the future. Education consultant Dr. Patt Wolfe, Ph.D., says that parents should be on the lookout.

Parents should note if their child can hear and identify rhymes. They should also check if they can understand the dots and squiggles that stand for sounds and how they should pronounce some words.

There are also instances when children would find some words confusing or find it difficult to remember words. These signs point to potential reading troubles down the line.

Advanced Studies

Some parents might be curious about the timeline for when children should learn more advanced skills. Take math, for example. Early on, experts believe that kids shouldn’t be bothered to study math in preschool. Their learning strengths lie in exploration and discovering things themselves. But many studies now show that children who are exposed to early math skills have the highest probability of academic achievement later in life.

The key to helping young children learn early is patience from both the parents and educators. As previously stated, a child’s learning strength lies in curiosity and exploration. This is what learning should focus on in the earlier years.

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