Early Education: 3 Signs of a Good Preschool

Preschool teacher helping the kids to draw

Studies have shown that preschool education is able to produce substantial gains in a child’s learning and development. Preschool is important for a very obvious reason. Young minds are highly flexible, so they are able to develop habits easier. When good habits are formed at an early age, they can deliver life-long benefits.

If you are currently looking for preschool programs in Phoenix or anywhere in the state, Sunrise Preschools and other experts list some signs to look for in a good preschool.

Good reputation for being welcoming and nurturing

Like any good product or service, a preschool should have a good reputation for being welcoming. Moreover, it must have a good reputation for having a nurturing curriculum with highly qualified and trained teachers. To start off your search, you can ask friends and family for referrals. Otherwise, you can do an online search and look for recommendations from parenting blogs.

Has good amenities

A good preschool must have good and clean amenities. This is why it’s important to visit your shortlisted preschools before making a decision. When you do visit, try to see if the children have good access to several learning activities, such as building blocks, picture books, art and construction materials, matching games, and puzzles. A good preschool doesn’t allow children to wander aimlessly. Rather, they keep them busy with active play and pretend to play.

Encourages active play

Studies show the importance and benefits of active play. Research has also proven that access to green, living spaces are good for kids, especially young ones. A good preschool encourages children to play outdoors as well.

Early learning is important. Take your time and not just look for a good preschool, look for one that’s also the right fit for your child. Consider these factors if you’re currently in the search for preschool programs.

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