Effective Ways to Help Kids Treat Speech Disorders

Girl speaking various letters

Speech impediment is one of the most common disabilities among children. At least 55% or 1 out of 12 kids in the U.S. aged 3 to 17 are experiencing difficulties in expressing themselves vocally.

Although the reason for the condition varies, it is not something parents should worry about because some methods and therapies could help treat it. Check out some of them below.

Train them through books and audio tapes

Spend two to three hours daily to practice your kids to pronounce words correctly. As you train, be sure you teach them proper pace of speech as well as harness their diction. You may start with a few simple words first and as it progresses, use words that are more challenging. 

Have them read and talk aloud

Let them choose a book that interests them the most; it can be a story or comic book, as long as there are words they could read aloud. After giving them time to train and learn the words, have them read it in front of you. This is a great way to find and fix any incorrect pronunciations.

Along with that, this activity can nurture their confidence in speaking publicly. Just be friendlier when it comes to correcting them because getting mad is not helpful.

Let them undergo to a speech therapy

There are quite some speech programs out there. Now, the class you are planning to enroll your kid depends on his/her overall condition. Fortunately, most of these sessions include a variety of activities to stimulate the learning process of your little ones.

There are speech therapy involving articulation and reading games that your kids will truly enjoy.

Teach them good and proper posture

Experts would agree that the secret to being an excellent speaker lies on how good their physical body mechanics are. Straining or following a hunch position affects the function and pressure on your diaphragm. This is why it is important that as early as now, teach them proper posture.

Help your kids overcome speech impediments by trying the following activities above. It is much better to do it at a young and early age so they could practice and later on adopt these techniques as they grow.

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