Enrolling Your Child? What to Look for in a Dubai School

Students raising their hands in front of the teacher

There is more to educating kids than just giving them recommended readings and asking them to write a paper about current events. Parents in Dubai are looking for the best school for their children and many of them are not satisfied with their current choice. If you are one of them, you should consider the following factors before you move your child to another school:


Outstanding schools in Dubai have one thing in common: They have an environment that accepts diversity and thrives with an international culture. Dubai embraces diversity, with more international students enrolling in their schools. Everyone should feel like they have a place in school. There should be zero tolerance for bullying, and children should be open-minded about who they become friends with.


The future of education is anchored upon teaching kids to live in an international landscape. This is why international schools are having a boom in Dubai. Many parents want their children to be ready for a possible migration to other parts of the globe. Even if they stay in Dubai, they should know how to communicate with people from other cultures. The sooner the international culture is introduced to them, the better. The curriculum of a school should also leave room for languages widely spoken around the world.


There are two ways of teaching children — in the classroom and through experiences. Schools should have a healthy mix of the two, with classroom lessons enriched with trips. Through a day trip, they could be introduced to concepts in action. They can learn the basics of business operations and even understand how products are created. A school should have opportunities to help children understand foreign concepts, and these should be explained in a way that children can grasp that easily.

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