Forget TV Time and Say Hello to a New Skill

Barber giving the client a fade

The tube – it’s not even a tube anymore – began conceding some of its superiority as the distraction of choice when computers became available to every household, and then some more when the mobile phenomenon began taking hold just a few years ago. Instead of burning all your extra time sitting in front of the TV or computer, or burying your face in that smartphone, you could be learning a new skill.

Here are a few valuable skills you can learn during your free time:

First-aid basics

You might save your life or someone else’s if you know the basics of administering first aid. CPR and the Heimlich maneuver can save the life of someone suffering a stroke or choking on food, respectively. You can learn the safe and proper techniques instead of watching a hospital drama show.

Cutting and styling hair

It’s one of those skills that you can turn into a career if you get good at it. Spending your time learning how to work on hair in a hair school in Utah like Collectiv Academy is a worthy use of your resources. If you don’t want to enter the hair industry, you can still use it to cut and style your family’s hair.


Perhaps you’re thinking of building a website or a mobile app in the future. Learning how to code can help you lower that learning curve when the time comes.

Playing an instrument

Learning to play the guitar, the piano, drums, or some other musical instrument is an excellent way to spend time. You can learn to play or even compose good music while relaxing from a long day at work.

Graphic design

A computer with the right components and the right software, coupled with imagination and creativity, can turn you into a graphic designer. It takes talent to be the best, but you will only discover that talent if you start working on it.


It’s one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and it can also land you a big break as a professional photographer. You can even sell pictures online. Start with a beginner’s photography kit (camera and lens), watch a few how-to videos on YouTube, and develop that eye for a good picture.

Why waste all your time watching TV or thinking of a smart meme for Facebook or Reddit, when you can find something more worth your time?

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