French for Your Kids? Find Out Why You Should Say “Oui!”

Boy Learning French at the Classroom

Learning other languages is always a good idea. As you might have probably read from several scientific research, learning another language can lead to cognitive benefits that can last through adulthood. When they grow up and get a career, knowing another language can make a massive difference.

Besides, diplomacy work yearns for skilled linguists. They will get many benefits by knowing a foreign language no matter what their profession is. The question is, why should they go to a French school in Dubai and learn this particular language?

1. You may not have foreseen this, but the investment bank Natixis claims that French will be the most-spoken language by 2050. The reason behind this is not due to the booming French population, but because it is broadly spoken in sub-Saharan Africa, which is the quickest increasing regions of the globe.

2. English and French are the sole two languages used in all of the five continents. It does not matter where your location is; if you can speak both languages, then most people will understand you.

3. English and French are the primary working and standard languages of the majority of international organisations. These are also a part of the primary global law systems: the common law tradition in English and the civil law tradition in French. If you want your child to become a diplomat, an international official or lawyer someday, then have him learn French.

4. Based on the World Tourism Organization, France enticed nearly 79 million tourists from around the globe in 2012. This is why they are deemed as the most renowned tourist destination around the globe with U.S. in the second place having only 62 million tourist visitors. For young married couples, honeymoon in Paris seems to be the number one destination.

With all of these benefits that your child will reap in the long run, there is no room for second-guessing. Encourage their learning by having fun study sessions or watching French animations with them.

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