Fun Teaching: Sparking Interest Among Students


We can all agree that at some point in our lives at school, we have associated school with one word: boredom. “Mom, I don’t want to go to school! It’s boring!” Most likely, we may have stated that when we were in elementary.

Listening to a teacher speak for the entire day could be mind numbing. However, teachers can brighten up the mood in a classroom with various activities. They can also be more fun by being more interactive.

A teaching job need not be tedious, in fact, it shouldn’t be. Conducting fun educational games and having a lovable personality can ensure a livelier learning experience. Here are some options on how teachers can make learning exciting.

Movement in a classroom

Sitting down in a classroom for the whole day may be a boring routine for some students. Teachers can make an energetic routine by making students move around the classroom. This strategy aims to increase the enthusiasm of students to learn.

Some ways to make students move around are group-sharing activities and activities that require students to write on the board. Teachers can also facilitate stretching sessions that keep students from feeling sleepy in class. Moving around in a classroom boosts the interest to learn.

educational gamsEducational Games

Playing educational games in class boosts the fun vibe. Playing educational games in a classroom makes students feel that their teacher is creative and lively. There are different kinds of games that teachers can apply to their lesson.

Games that require everyone to participate are great games to play in a classroom. Trivia games like Jeopardy and 20 questions can be modified to let every student participate. To encourage students to join, teachers can give incentives that can benefit the winner’s grade.

Reading can be fun too

If you want to learn, then you definitely have to read. Students usually see reading long articles or numerous pages as too monotonous. However, reading can be a fun task livens the reading process.

One way is to give students the responsibility to select what they read. Giving a student his or her own choice on what to read would allow them to approach the lesson with their own reading preference. Certainly, a teacher will approve a student’s selections before they start reading it.

Laugh and Smile

Without a doubt, showing students that you are funny is a great way to put smiles on student’s faces. Showing that you have a humorous teaching style can get everyone’s attention. This makes the learning experience more memorable.

Easing the tension in class can be done if teachers laugh at their own student’s jokes. This ensures that the learning environment is not intimidating. It also shows that the teacher is approachable and welcomes the input of students.

There will inevitably be times when school will be boring. However, if teachers show that their class can be fun students will be more enthusiastic to learn.

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