Games to Improve a Child’s Speech Articulation

A child in speech therapy

Most parents are usually eager to hear the first word that their child says. However, the joy might prove to be only short lived when they notice that their child’s pronunciation is off. In some cases, they might hear their child pronouncing letter ‘r’ as letter ‘w.’

If you are in such a situation, you should probably aim at engaging your children in games for articulation therapy. These games will help them perfect the articulation of any of the problematic sounds. Below are some of those games.

I Spy…

If you have a couple of toddlers in your home or run a daycare, this is the best game for you. Write a few words which contain the target sounds and hide them all over the house or center. The child who finds the most words wins the game. As a bonus, do not make the hiding places too obvious or too challenging for the kids so as to make the game enjoyable.

The Word Bowl

This game is best for children who love snacks. You will first of all need to pick two bowls. Fill one with papers that have words with the target sounds and the other one with their favorite snacks. The participant is to pick one of the papers from the word bowl and try to pronounce the name written on it. Any correct articulation should be rewarded with a snack. It is best to give them healthy snacks.

 Marble Tower

You will need a few translucent containers and a bowl of marble. Once a participant can articulate a particular word correctly, he/she should place a marble in their container. The child with the highest tower wins the game.

You might have probably noticed that all of the above games involve rewarding the kids for their efforts in pronouncing a particular word correctly. Any activity that will encourage them to practice the correct sounds and improve their speech articulation is beneficial in the end.

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