Making Studying Less Stressful: Tips and Tricks

Desk for studying

Do you have an upcoming exam? Do you want to improve your study habits? Well, here are some tips and tricks that can help you study more effectively.

AsapScience, a Youtube channel that produces weekly scientific videos, stated that “Many of us are determined to study smarter instead of longer.”Their three-minute video focuses on nine study tips that are scientifically proven effective.

Studying is usually not an enjoyable activity for most.  Procrastination is your worst enemy during study time. These simple tips and tricks will encourage you to study better. Moreover, you could enjoy your study time by following these tips and tricks.

Preparation Time

Time is a critical factor to consider when studying. You could be reading the first chapter in the morning, and just as you get ready to start the second chapter, you notice that it is already night time. Plan a study schedule to avoid this situation from occurring; this will give you enough time to prepare for your exams.

Thirty to sixty minutes is an ideal period to dedicate to your study time. It is also important to complement your study time with at least fifteen to twenty-minute breaks. Other than short breaks, you should also remember to prioritize sleep. An average of seven to eight hours of sleep drastically improves your performance when studying.

Group studySocializing

 To help motivate you to study, you should go out with your friends or family. Bonding with people you enjoy talking to will help you ease your tension. Interacting with people who are close to your heart would guarantee you to feel relaxed.

A good time to do this is a day or night before focusing on your studies. Socializing with other people will prepare you for your study sessions. You may also want to socialize with optimistic, helpful friends during study time. Socializing at this time will let you benefit from their positive attitude.

Conducive studying environment

A clean, quiet, and bright place helps you to focus on studying. It is important for your study area is well lit, otherwise sleepiness or over-relaxation may overcome you. In addition, a well lit room lessens the strain on your eyes.

A favorable study environment should be free from distractions. Switching your phone to silent mode and only checking your social media accounts during break time encourages a good learning environment.

Personal Learning Style

Discovering your preferred learning style increases the efficiency of studying. There are different techniques for studying. One active technique of studying lets you learn by listening.

Reading your notes aloud or discussing them with other people can help you remember the vital points of the lessons. Other than auditory learning, you may be inclinedtowards visual learning. This type of learning is typified by colored highlighters or multi-colored post-its that emphasize the important parts of the lessons.

Indeed, there are numerous techniques to employ when studying. These tips and tricks do not guarantee that you will ace your exam. However, careful consideration of your study environment, the time you spend studying and the study techniques that you use, will almost certainly make your studies more effective.

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