Planning a Summer to Remember for Teenagers

Summers are supposed to be fun and exciting; teenagers get a break from going to school every day and seeing the same people. However, it will only be fun if they have activities lined up to fill their time.

Help them make the most of their summer by suggesting the following:

Online Classes

Perhaps they failed a class. Perhaps they want to get started on difficult classes that will be offered next school year. Either way, an online summer school helps them use their time wisely and work on their future at the same time. These classes will prepare them for the next school year and even help them graduate with flying colors. You may also consider tutoring in classes where their grades are not quite as good as other subjects.

Part-Time Jobs

Teenagers are old enough to do some basic chores around the house. They are also old enough to apply for part-time jobs. This will teach them to be responsible for their own money and actions. As they handle difficult situations, they learn the consequences of not thinking ahead and acting based on emotions. They may look for a summer job on their own or you can help them by recommending them to a friend’s small shop. They may even work alongside their friends to save up for something expensive, such as the down payment for their own car.


Summer is not just about studying and working. Your children will appreciate a short trip out of town with the family, too. This gives them something to talk about when they return to school. Travelling is also an effective way of teaching life lessons beyond the four corners of a classroom, especially if you take them on educational field trips and historical sites.

There are endless ways to spend summer with your kids. Encourage them to be busy with activities that will help enrich their minds.

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