Preparing Your Child for a Day Care Center

Preparing for daycare is exciting and scary for both parents and children – especially if it’s the first time they will be spending significant time apart from each other. The Meadows School presents some steps that you can take to ease your children’s fears and your own.

Talk About This New Arrangement

If your child is at least two years of age, then they’re probably old enough for you to discuss the new arrangements ahead of time. Let the child know the kind of experience that is expected and also let him or her know why the arrangement is necessary. Ensure that you answer their questions and address any worries before the first day of school.

Discuss the Possible Schedules

It pays to give your child the understanding that daycare is a fundamental step in beginning the educational journey. He or she also needs to know how you would be spending your time. From this point, you can now discuss the day care schedules. Let the child know what to expect from a typical day at the school. Discuss drop-off and pick-up routines and everything that is bound to happen in a typical day.

Visit the Center Together

It pays to tour a potential facility with your child before admission. This will ensure that by the time your child arrives for the first day of school, he or she is already familiar with the environment of the center. Making a good impression of the new arrangements could perhaps keep your little one looking forward to the first day of daycare, rather than feeling apprehensive. Most kids instantly fall in love with the classroom ambiance, the toys and the social setting.

While it’s true that the transition from home care to daycare may not sound enticing to some kids, their perception often changes after their first day at school. Take the time to compare different Rutherford daycare facilities and ensure that you choose one that wins your confidence and the trust of your child.

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