Singapore Focuses on Applied Education

Students busy studying

Singapore has been dealing with an ageing population for quite a while now. What is alarming is that it now has a ‘super-aged’ economy, and efforts to focus on immigration to attract foreign workers into the city-state have not seen fruitful results just yet. There is also a shift in the educational focus of Singapore, with its curriculum now emphasising applied education and skills training.

Preparing for the Future

Economy experts are starting to view Singapore as the template of the future. With its ageing population, the workforce has suffered. This is why a respectable university in Singapore, James Cook University Singapore, is offering courses that aim to prepare students for employment. For Singapore to continue being the force that other countries have come to fear, it needs to improve its unemployment rates soon.

Educational Budget Is Not a Problem

Singapore’s parents seem to know the importance of education. They are willing to spend over $70,000 for children’s education, Quartz reports. Singapore is bested only by Hong Kong ($130,000) and UAE ($100,000) in terms of educational investments per child. Compared to French parents, who reportedly only spent $17,000 for their children’s education, Singaporeans seem to have a great head-start in life.

Of course, some of the expenses would go into enrolment in some of the most prestigious schools. Asian parents have high hopes for the future, which is why they are willing to invest so much into educating their child. Quartz study also reports that 36% of parents want their children to be successful in their chosen career.

There is a bright future ahead for Singaporean students, and opportunities await those who are willing to spend a little more effort on their studies. Excellence is still the key to landing a good job, whether it’s in Singapore or overseas. But of course, if one’s services are needed at home, there is the benefit of not having to uproot your life.

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