The Impressions that a Low SAT Score Make

The SAT is an important part of your college admission process, as some universities and colleges use this as a barometer for students they admit into their programs. However, some have a high GPA, but low test scores. If you’re one of those students, you must be wondering what impressions you make on an admissions officer.

Looking Beyond the SAT

Many universities and schools use the SAT as a gauge of a student’s potential in their chosen program. If your score is particularly low in some aspects of the test, an admissions officer may look at what you do best and determine if it suits the undergraduate degree you want to pursue. Officers may also place you in a group that has similar scores, but come from different high schools. If they think the school you went to has more difficult subjects and higher standards, they may consider giving you the slot, even if your SAT is relatively low.

Admissions officers may also consider the difficulty of the classes you took, if you have a high GPA but low SAT score. Taking advanced classes for math, sciences, and other subjects will show how prepared you are for the rigors of the program you want to take.

Measuring Potential

The SAT is important, but isn’t the only measure of potential and success in college. Admissions officers will consider all the other classes and activities you did while in high school. These may include sports, related work to your chosen program, and the degree of difficulty of the subjects you took. These will provide the university or college of your choice reasons to choose you despite a lower SAT score.

Improving Your Score

Some students start as early as middle school or the 9th or 10th grade to prepare for their college admissions. Online summer school classes are a good start to get you ahead of the competition and prepare you for more difficult and advanced subjects you want to take to boost your SAT score.

If you truly want to pass and get into your chosen program, you need to have the right mindset and the preparation. You don’t go to battle empty-handed, right?

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