Understanding The Importance Of Preschool

Teacher teaching a group of preschoolers

The benefits of preschool are quite profound, but still many people tend to forget them. Every preschool in Salt Lake City and beyond can play a massive role in a child’s development. While it is not technically a requirement, it does give kids an edge.

And every child could use that edge further down the line. Here are a few things you should know, especially if you are a parent.

A Scientific Look

One particular benefit of preschool involves many at-risk children. All kids benefit from a preschool education, but not typically as much as the at-risk ones. Researchers from Georgetown University, Vanderbilt, Duke University, and Brookings Institution claim as such.

According to their research, children who have already experienced tough times benefit greatly from the structured early education that preschool provides. Better grades, less probability of arrests, and even improved marriage retention are among the benefits.

A Tool Against Inequality

The previously mentioned advantages are among the findings from the studies of James Heckman, a Nobel Prize winner. His findings reveal that any inequality at birth can be offset after children receive preschool education. Preschool’s acceptable age range also explains its benefits.

Toddlers at the age of three or five are typical preschool students. And at this age range, children are “education sponges.” They take in every bit of information as much as they can. One can say that the young mind is very malleable.

Tailor-Fit For Your Child

Another benefit of preschool is its ability for customization. Every child has different needs, wants, and dreams. Curriculums cannot be one-dimensional and of a singular focus if they are to be effective. And if a child exhibits an affinity for a specific academic interest, it is critical to nurture it from a very young age.

An evidence-based, well-implemented curriculum practiced by teachers who receive constant training can also make a child successful in the end.

Consider these facts when you are trying to decide whether preschool is for your child.