You Need Practical Skills to Land a Great Tech Job

Software Developer Working

Software developers and computer programmers are in demand. Universities are overflowing with hopefuls who want to complete their degree and spill out into the world of IT jobs. Though there are many job opportunities, tech companies are more particular about the people they employ. You need certifications that prove your skills.


CompTIA’s Network+ n10-006 exam tests your skills in several ways. The creators of the exam understand that unique scenarios may lead to several solutions to a problem, but an IT professional needs to be equipped with the skills to solve the problem more efficiently. The goal is for you to troubleshoot the problem and use your own experiences in various technologies to create a satisfactory solution. It’s a mirror into the real world, where you are expected to know what you’re doing when handling software problems, no matter the source of the issue.

More Than Facts

Forget memorization of facts. Gone are the days of textbook exams. CompTIA wants to certify people with practical and useful skills, not those who know how to read and remember jargons. If you’re taking the exam for the first time, know that you should not focus on just reading every page of every book you can get your hands on.

The better way to study is to use various technologies and master how they work. As you encounter problems with them, you’ll learn how to come up with solutions, too. Your first-hand, real-world experiences are more valuable than any textbook examples you’ll find. It also helps to take practice exams, so that you can fine-tune your solutions before you take the actual exam.

These days, skills are the most important asset of an IT professional. It defines how far you will go in this industry.

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